The Annie Awards is animation's highest honor, and to see the art form at it's best, we invite you to look around and see a part of history in picture and stories.

At the Annie Awards, there are more characters on the red carpet than on the big screen! From voice actors, animation icons and everyone else in between, the curtain has been raised to showcase some of the best on animation's largest stage.

Annie Award History
The Annie Awards is ASIFA-Hollywood's most glamorous event. Each year we dress up and get together like the other academies to honor our stars. In fact, the Awards are so much a part of our organization, we tend to forget there was a time before the Annies. More

Past Winners and Nominees
During the first years of the Annie Awards, the event celebrated individuals for a lifetime or career contributions to the art of animation in producing, directing, animating, design, writing, voice acting, sound and sound effects, technical work, music, professional teaching, and for other endeavors which exhibit outstanding contributions to excellence in animation. After two decades of recognizing individual achievement, ASIFA-Hollywood recognized the need to honor the achievement of animation as a whole and in 1992, the Annie for best animated feature was presented for the first time. During the early 1990s, other categories were also added for motion pictures, television, and home entertainment, such as directing, storyboarding, voice acting, character design and music. Who were the nominees and big winners from last year and beyond? Click on any of the links below to get a complete list of the nominees and winners for the corresponding year.

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